We love working with Mo Hair, the leading Men’s Stylist in Glasgow. Over the years we’ve incorporated loads of different techniques inside and outside their salons, to draw in customers and add a bit of character.

It all started back in 2004 with their King Street salon in the City Centre. For the interior mural, we came up with the idea of a ‘Tree of Bloke’ featuring, amongst other things, a guitar, drums, a shark and a monkey crawling across a pair of scissors – the cheeky wee fella went far and became Mo Hair’s logo.

Things steadily developed, with various bits of artwork and signage, including portraits of clients and large scale text, until finally Mo Hair was perfect, from all sides. Then, in 2015, the business expanded and moved round the corner to larger premises at the Trongate. Our challenge was to get some of the atmosphere we’d created in King Street back into the new place.

We had a big space to fill and dedicated one entire wall to giant MO HAIR text in a classic circus typeface, given a modern twist. We also created a large anamorphic art piece, where – depending on where you stand – the image comes together or comes apart across the walls and ceiling. It finishes in a photo realistic portrait of Otis Reading who we felt epitomised the creative spirit of Mo Hair. This went down well with the artistic community, as well as customers.

We’re done for now, but we’ll be back.


Mo Hair, Glasgow

What We Did

External frontage, traditional signage, gilding, internal murals

“Frank’s one of these really inspirational people. I found him to be a great person to talk to when I was starting up my own business, he was so supportive.”

“He did an initial mural for Mo Hair which put a spark into the place and then a couple of years later helped me redesign the whole interior, with a great colour scheme and fabulous designs, which customers comment on all the time. Frank also suggested changing the outside of the shop, as Mo Hair was being lost among the dark frontages either side. This really made us stand out and business quickly took a turn for the better, with people who had lived in the area all their days coming to us for the first time. I can honestly say Frank’s creative input has contributed enormously to Mo Hair’s success.”

Tony Wright, Owner